The Top 10 Travel Trends for British Tourists in 2024/2025


Travel trends are evolving, reflecting contemporary travellers’ changing desires and needs. From the pursuit of more economical alternative destinations to the desire to completely disconnect from routine, travellers are increasingly exploring new ways to enjoy their holidays.┬á

In this article, based on research conducted by 3Gem for London Luton Airport, which interviewed 2,000 representative UK adults, we present the top 10 travel trends shaping how we explore the world. From shared adventures with friends to wellness and volunteer trips, discover how these trends can inspire your next travels and help you make the most of your global experiences.

  1. Alternative Destinations: British tourists increasingly opt for economical alternatives to popular long-haul destinations. Inspired by social media, places like Albania, known as the “Maldives of Europe,” are becoming favourites.
  2. Sistermoons: Before significant events such as weddings or pregnancies, more than half of British women plan adventures with their best friends or sisters to create unforgettable memories.
  3. Holi-dayers: with time and budget constraints, many British tourists opt for short 24-hour getaways to nearby destinations, making the most of off-peak travel and saving on accommodation.
  4. Swiftie Stays: Difficulties in obtaining concert tickets in the UK are leading music fans to follow their favourite artists to other countries, combining a love for music with the opportunity to explore new cities and cultures.
  5. Voluntourism: More and more Britons are dedicating part of their holidays to volunteer activities, believing it to be an excellent way to engage culturally and contribute to important causes.
  6. Glampackers: A new trend among British female travellers is beautifying themselves during the flight. Many arrive at their destination already Instagram-ready, maximising every moment of their trip.
  7. Impul-setting: Britons are increasingly willing to embark on exciting and unique adventures, with many using artificial intelligence to suggest destinations and plan personalised, adrenaline-filled itineraries.
  8. Minimalist Packing: The trend of travelling light is on the rise, with most British tourists preferring to take only the essentials and acquire additional items at their destination, thus avoiding the hassle of heavy luggage.
  9. Chillcation: Many Britons are concerned with well-being, so they choose holidays that include activities like nature walks and other relaxation practices to improve their mental and physical health.
  10. Disconnection Seekers: Half of British travellers actively seek quiet and secluded destinations to disconnect from everyday life, such as the French suburbs, valuing peace, tranquillity, and reconnection with themselves.

These trends reflect a growing desire for more authentic, economical, and meaningful experiences, shaping a new era of travel for British tourists in 2024 and 2025.


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