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VBRATA is a not-for-profit travel and cultural organisation with committee members working on a voluntary basis. We are recognised as the British/European travel and cultural association specialised in Brazil and work as a group for marketing and promotional ideas and projects, and assistance are welcomed from all VBRATA members. Our aim is to create visibility to Brazil, our association and all our members generating web site traffic and subsequently bookings to Brazil.

We hope you will join us in the promotion of Brazil and also take advantage of the following:

  • Sales leads and opportunities are generated to all members to increase the number of passengers visiting Brazil
  • Workshops and seminars are regularly organised for members to learn about new sales & marketing tools, destinations and travel products
  • Press & PR Lunches are organised to provide members with the opportunity to meet with the trade press and media to increase the profile of VBRATA and Brazil
  • Meetings with key speakers and promotional destinations’ events are organised providing our members with a forum for networking
  • Invitations to inspection trips and educationals in Brazil




We offer different types of membership: For Tour Operators featuring Brazil in their programme please complete our application form online, while for all the other membership options, you will need to send us an email with your request.




To become a Tour Operator Member, you require the following:

  • Feature Brazil in your programme and have a dedicated Brazil page
  • Ability to promote specific Brazilian destinations accordingly to our partners
  • Attend our workshops and events, when possible
  • Complete our main Brazil online training course and all subsequently new destinations’ modules
  • Ability to update your profile on VBRATA’s web site
  • Display VBRATA’s logo on your web site stating that you are a Brazil specialist, when possible
  • Membership is free and subject to committee approval





This category is only applicable for none Brazil-based companies including representation companies, hotels and resort groups, cruise lines, transport companies, other travel associations, service providers (visa and passport companies, media and PR partners), entertainment venues, cultural and commercial partners amongst others. To become an Affiliate Member, you require the following:

  • Contribute and provided added value to VBRATA and all its members
  • Attend the workshops and meeting regularly
  • All members must display VBRATA logo on their web site
  • Membership cost is subject to committee approval






This category is available for the following organisations:

  • Brazilian Federal, State, Regional, City Tourist and Cultural Authorities
  • Convention and Visitor Bureaux, NGO, Associations and Cooperatives
  • Tourist, Cultural and Business Authorities who are empowered to promote their destination and/or products to the United Kingdom, Europe, Latin America and others
  • Members must display VBRATA logo on their web site, when possible



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