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Ceará (CE)

Ceará concentrates more than half of all caatinga vegetation in Brazil and is the only state to be completely inserted in the sub-region called Sertão.

The territory that today corresponds to the State was a region initially inhabited by several indigenous ethnic groups that later mixed with the presence of Europeans.

The lands equivalent to the former Captaincy of Ceará were donated in the second half of the 16th century, having been disputed by the Portuguese, French and Dutch who, over the centuries, directed the State's vocation to agricultural and livestock activities. The state's independent development took place after its disintegration from Pernambuco in 1799.

The state is known for the beauty of its coastline, popular religiosity and the reputation of being a great cradle of humor talents. The raft, still common along the coast, is considered one of the greatest symbols of the people and culture of Ceará.

In the capital and metropolis of Fortaleza, the days are heavenly, and the nights are busy, ensuring fun every day of the week. At Praia do Futuro, there are stalls all along the shore, each with its own musical style and decoration. The kiosks offer coconut water, seafood and various fruit shakes.

The west coast of the state offers stunning beaches, such as Cumbuco and Jericoacoara. The latter, affectionately called Jeri, is surrounded by dunes and lakes, attracting people from all over the world to its charming inns.

On the east coast, the most famous beaches are Canoa Quebrada, with its huge cliffs, and Morro Branco, with colored sand that serves as raw material for local crafts.

The state is also home to one of the largest water parks in Latin America, the Beach Park, on Porto das Dunas beach, which receives more than one million visitors a year.

The trademark of Cearenses is the charisma and spontaneity and, in their land of natural beauty, they usually receive their visitors with open arms with great joy.

Capital: Fortaleza
Area (km2): 148,920
Population: 8,904,459 (2015)
Term for a person from this state: cearense
Dial code: 85 / 88
Bordering states: Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Pernambuco

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