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BOT – Brazil Online Training offers travel industry specialists the opportunity to learn more about Brazilian destinations and travel products by offering short online courses so that travel professionals can gain knowledge and become a specialist in their field.

We offer free short online courses aimed at travel industry professionals who would like to learn about Brazil. On completion of the course they obtain online certificates to improve their personal qualification portfolio, enabling them to become a “Specialist in Brazil”.

BOT is the perfect tool to help increase your knowledge and sales confidence regarding Brazil, ensuring you can sell Brazilian destinations and products more effectively!

If you aspire to become a specialist in Brazil and feel that you ought to learn more about this huge and upcoming destination, our short, free online courses could be just the thing you need.  When visiting Brazil, customers use many different ways to research about and book their holiday, so the UK travel industry needs to be well qualified and informed, so as to be able to assist travel agents in successfully selling Brazil to their clients.

After registering with BOT you will have instant access to our entire training programme, available for Brazil and beyond. Our system allows easy interchange between one training programme and another, ensuring that you are kept fully up-to-date with all the latest Brazilian training initiatives.

FREE to Use – All our online training courses are free to use.

Interactive – We will keep you fully up-to-date with all the latest training options.

Convenience – You can access BOT training programmes any time you wish and there are no time limits for completing the programmes.

Chance to Win Prizes and Places on Fam Trips – Exciting competitions! Win a place on a Fam Trip, or any of the other prizes offered by the individual training programmes.

Downloadable Certificate Available to Claim your Specialist Status – Each training programme has exams recognised by that destination/travel product. Once the training course is successfully completed, you can access a downloadable and printable certificate giving you the relevant ‘specialist’ status.

Now register with BOT – Brazil Online Training, enjoy our online courses and become a “Specialist in Brazil”!

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